Healthy Snack and Lunch Boxes

Healthy snack for playtime (Years 3 to 6)
Our Foundation Phase pupils have a snack provided for them by school (parental choice and for a small charge) so therefore healthy eating guidelines are followed however Key Stage 2 pupils are able to bring their own snack for playtime.
Despite not wanting to dictate what your child should bring for their snack we do feel that it is very important that your child continues to eat a healthy snack at break time when they move to Key Stage 2. Therefore following guidance from Wrexham Healthy Schools service we discourage the following items:

Lunch Boxes
We aim to promote healthy lunch boxes. Sweets and chocolate bars are not allowed (as above) as part of a healthy packed lunch. Chocolate covered biscuits may be included but we advise that this is not daily and that your child has a variety of alternatives throughout the week.
If you are stuck for ideas this is a really good website for healthier snacks and lunch boxes:

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Healthy lunchboxes: leaflet | GOV.WALES 

Please could you also ensure that your child’s lunchbox has an ice pack (or similar) to keep their lunch cool during the morning session.
As part of our mission to reduce plastic use, we are also encouraging our pupils to think about how they could reduce the amount of plastic they bring in their lunchboxes e.g. reducing the amount of clingfilm/plastic bags.