Dosbarth Conwy

Believe in yourself and change what you can achieve.’

Welcome to Year 6 and Dosbarth Conwy

Mr Wyeth is the Year 6 class teacher. On a Wednesday afternoon Mr Griffiths and Mrs Johnson teach the class Welsh and Jigsaw.


At Ysgol Sant Dunawd, we believe in a little and often and that practice makes progress! The children have weekly spellings to practise on Spelling Shed (to complete at least 5 games) and weekly times tables practice on Times Tables Rock Stars (at least 10 minutes). We also encourage the children to read a few pages of their reading book each night, aloud to an adult (they can also read on Oxford Owl). There will be a task set on My Maths on a Friday to be completed by the following Thursday. This will sometimes be linked to the work completed in class that week or an introduction to new concepts to be taught the following week. Please click on ‘Useful Links’ for all links to the websites mentioned above.

Our Previous INSPIRE Topics (Dosbarth Tryfan 2021-22)

In Tryfan, the children acquire experiences, knowledge and skills through engaging and exciting topics. Shaped by the children, our topics are driven by their inquiry.  Our current topic is ‘The Best Version of Myself’:  the majority of the learning opportunities will focus on health and well-being and science and technology.  The children will be given the challenge of helping an athlete or sportsperson to achieve their best.  Using a combination of research and scientific investigation, the children will consider diet, fitness and sleep and the impact that they have on performance.  As the topic requires the children to learn about the cardiovascular system, our class text will be ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman.

Did you know…? Tryfan is one of the most famous mountains in Snowdonia with links to Everest. British climber and explorer George Mallory made his first two British rock climbs on Tryfan in 1907 and Sir Edmund Hilary and his team carried out training for their Everest attempt in 1953.