Eco Council

Who are we?

We are the fantastic Eco Council and our job is to help the planet by spreading awareness of environmental issues and doing our best to lead change.  We are the Eco Warriors!

Representatives are voted to the Eco Council by their classmates.  If you are interested about being an Eco Warrior for next year, or just want to find out what we do, ask any member of the Eco Committee (you’ll see us wearing a snazzy Eco Council badge).

Our Role

As an Eco-School, we complete an Environmental Review of the different topics: Biodiversity, Marine, Energy, Litter, Water, Healthy Living, School Grounds, Global Citizenship, Transport and Waste. We then decide which topics we will want to work on. We have lots of discussion and a vote to make a choice. This year we chose Waste, Litter and School Grounds.

We work together to create an action plan and learn about why we monitor changes and evaluate. As a team, we decide who will complete the different tasks it takes to make a change.

Our plans have led us to change how we collect waste. We have recycling bins for pens, paper and batteries. We are working really hard on developing our school grounds to include a sensory garden and creating sustainable vegetable growing areas. 

Eco-School National Campaigns

We take part in national campaigns such as Duracell Battery Recycling –  to recycle batteries that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites.  We regularly collect litter in the local community,  and take part in the RSPB Birdwatch. We are most proud of our Blue Peter Climate Heroes Challenge – we had to reduce our use of Power, Plastic and Plants over the course of a number of weeks and record our results.  We received Green Badges for our efforts. 


We often write an Eco-School Newsletter each term to tell adults what we have been doing in school and how they can help at home.